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Posted: 22nd November 2016 Tags: AwardsCoaching

We are delighted to announce that Møller PSF Group Partner and Head of our Coaching Practice Group Sam Humphrey, together with Coaching Associate Karen Dean, won the “Best article of the year award” from Coaching at Work at their recent 2016 Awards.

In their two-part article “Is a Coaching Culture an Alternative Tyranny?” Sam and Karen share how even though they’re coaching converts, they’re curious about the utopian appeal a coaching culture seems to hold for organisations – challenging organisations to accept that coaching isn’t always the right response but that if a valid business case is there, there is much they can do to help make it work.

On receiving the award, Sam said:

“The criteria the judging panel were looking at included how well written the article was, how it helped to foster good/best practice in coaching/mentoring, how it inspired thinking and learning and how it generated debate.”

Judges comments included:

  • “Good to have a thought-provoking paper as well as those that confirm the status quo of coaching”.
  • “Provocative, thoughtful questioning of our assumptions about coaching is essential at this stage of development of the discipline”.
  • “Engaging and interesting writing style: demands a little focus from the reader, yet rewarding and entertaining too in places, deals with real life issues in a highly informed way, describing things that can be seen to be ‘true’ about our field and current practice and at the same time bringing them into question in an informed way challenges some potentially lazy habits as either those who coach and provide coaching and also those who buy in coaching. Provides solutions and practical steps: having made insightful observations, challenged some fundamental aspects of current practice and raised questions, it goes on to advise on best practice where the challenge has been met and there is a sound case for going forward”
  • “Because it speaks to coaching custodians it has made more people think about what part they play in coaching in their organisation and how they hold that responsibility. In addition to being provocative and challenging, it was written to also help, give guidance and practical things to think about and do.
  • “I liked the authors’ take on this, their rigour and challenging approach, and their clear and structured approach on how to build a coaching culture. Quite refreshing reading, in fact!”
  • “It’s really important we develop a more critical stance as a coaching community. These are the kinds of questions we need to ask to mature as an industry and as a profession and they are not often enough reflected in people’s thinking or writing. Its constructive, pragmatic and highly relevant to coaching’s place in organisations. Well done them for writing and you for publishing”

For your copy of the winning article please contact Leon Palmer:
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