Ragna Mouritzen

Danish fine art student, Ragna Mouritzen, was the winner of the Danish Embassy Art Prize 2014. Her works of art were on show at the Embassy of Denmark, London and we are delighted that they are now on display at the Møller Centre.

Ragna Mouritzen (born in 1987) studied BA Fine Art Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts. The show at the Embassy of Denmark was her first solo exhibition in the UK. The exhibited works investigate the relationship between material and process. The origin of the works comes from the nature of the material itself. By using unforgiving materials, the artist is unable to hide mistakes; one mistake has the potential to ruin an entire piece. As a result, Ragna is required to maintain complete focus for each mark.

The serialised nature of the works highlights the repetitive aspect of making. She applies highly controlled marks to the works based on a series of rules that she develops as a response to the behaviour of each material. The fine line between control and loss thereof has an effect on the overall appearance of the works – one that vacillates between similarity and uniqueness. These works are a product of material, process, and intense manual labour. They are open to personal interpretation, as they do not depend on a specific subject, rather that of the work itself and the process of making.

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