Art and Design

Inspired by our Danish heritage, stunning art and design complement the unique learning environment at The Møller Centre.

Hans J Wegner
Hans J. Wegner

Our clients tell us that the vibrancy and energy associated with our art and design collection encourage creative flair and innovative thought, which enhance their learning experience with us. our collection is curated by Barry Phipps, Director of Visual Art, Møller Centre and Fellow of Churchill College.

We have many of the most iconic pieces of twentieth century Danish furniture, such as The Chair (1949), made famous by the 1960 John F. Kennedy and Nixon debate, and the ever-popular ‘Y’ or ‘Wishbone’ Chair (1949), both designed by Hans J. Wegner. In addition to these iconic pieces, the Centre is a showcase for rare and unique Wegner designs of chairs, sofas, benches, tables and lighting.

Albert Irvin painting
Albert Irvin’s Torriano (1999)  (generously loaned by Gimpel Fils)

We also have paintings by Albert Irvin OBE RA who was one of the most exuberant, colourful and widely-respected British artists, these have been generously loaned to us by Albert’s family in collaboration with his gallery Gimpel Fils.  We are currently showing works from a recently graduated Danish artist, Ragna Mouritzen, winner of the Danish Embassy Art Prize 2014. Ragna’s artworks were previously on show at the Embassy of Denmark, London and have been at the Møller Centre since 2015. Our latest addition provides a stunning link between the main building and the Study Centre. Past, Present, Future is a sculpture by Geoffrey Clarke – a pioneer in a golden age of British sculpture – his innovative approach to new materials and processes saw him produce works that epitomise the vibrancy of the post-war British art scene.

art at the Møller Centre
Past, Present, Future. Geoffrey Clarke.

These collected works of art and design can be seen throughout the Study Centre and Main Building, with Irvin’s paintings featured in several of the meeting rooms and Wegner’s furniture taking centre stage in our bedrooms and the Hans J. Wegner lounge (pictured top).

Our collection is best viewed in person, get in contact with us to arrange a guided tour.