Møller HRD Forum: Approaches to Leadership Development

Date of next Forum: Wednesday 13 December

Personal and Organisational Resilience and Mindfulness

December’s Forum will focus on resilience and mindfulness and will be chaired by Cathy Butler, Director of Programmes, and led by Møller Associate Dr Javier Marcos , supported by Michael Chaskalson, one of Europe’s leading mindfulness trainers.


The demands placed on executives and managers have never been greater. Leaders in organisations are asked to perform at their highest levels, consistently. They are required to deliver more, often with less or the same resources. These demands coupled with increasing levels of contextual volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, often result in a growing number of reported cases of anxiety, stress, and paradoxically, underperformance.

We believe that both individual and organisational performance depend on people’s ability to develop resilience and mindful responses to pressure and competing demands. In addition it also requires the creation of contexts and cultures where slack and reflection are allowed to counter automatic responses and untested strategies.

Research suggests that when leaders and other executives are more mindful, they have greater focus, are more adaptable, are better able to take on new perspectives, are more empathic and are better able to regulate their emotions. These in turn make them more resilient, better able to collaborate, and better able to stay agile in complex conditions.

The key question is, how can we realise these conditions on behalf of the organisations we serve and work for?

Aims and objectives

The key objective of the session is to inspire delegates to become more mindful and resilient themselves, to enable them also to promote mindfulness and resilience within their organisations.

Specifically, the session will:

  • Present research evidence of the positive effects of developing mindfulness in managerial positions
  • Provide a nurturing environment for delegates to practice personal resilience and mindfulness
  • Invite delegates to engage in a strategic discussion about organisational resilience and how to develop it within their businesses and organisations

Picture of a lady educating business executives at a flip-chart

Session outline:

09.30 Arrival and coffee
10.00 Welcome and introduction to the day. Cathy Butler. Director of Programmes, Møller Executive Education
10.15 The case for mindfulness and resilience in the workplace: interventions and outcomes. Michael Chaskalson, Mindfulness works and Contributor, Møller Executive Education
10.45 Key dimensions of personal resilience Dr Javier Marcos, Associate, Møller Executive Education
11.15 Coffee Break
11.40 How mindfulness at work works.  Michael Chaskalson
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Organisational resilience for OD practitioners – what it is and how to develop it.
Small group work, Dr. Javier Marcos.
14.15 Best practices for enhancing mindfulness Michael Chaskalson
15.00 Concluding remarks and next HRD Forum meetings, Cathy Butler

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Møller HRD Forum

‘If you want one year of prosperity grow grain, if you want ten years of prosperity grow trees, but if you want 100 years of prosperity grow people.’ Chinese Proverb.

This is a forum developed by the Møller Executive Education team at Churchill College, University of Cambridge, for a select group of HR Directors and, facilitated by Møller Executive Education leadership development specialists to discuss approaches to the development of leaders within their businesses and organisations.

We explore new and current approaches, best practice, the typical challenges we face and how we can best design and deliver high impact programmes and interventions that will bring about real change and demonstrate a return on investment for the business.

We plan a series of interesting discussions, inform each other around what works and what doesn’t – and participants will leave with some new connections and sources of help and some good ideas to take forward into our future work.