Leadership Symposium - Power of Purpose

21 April 2017 (and pre-symposium dinner on 20 April)

We are proud to announce that our next Møller Practical Leadership Symposium will take place on 21 April 2017, at the Møller Centre, in partnership with the International Leadership Association (ILA) and featuring our esteemed Leadership Scholar Professor Georgia Sorenson (pictured above).

The one-day, invitation-only, symposium will explore Hickman and Sorenson’s concept of the Power of Purpose, or Invisible Leadership, and its application in the corporate world. Hickman and Sorenson’s research concluded that: “Invisible Leadership propels groups to the highest levels of commitment, innovation and success.”

Sorenson and Hickman’s research found that Purposeful Organisations:

  • Attract and retain motivated and committed employees
  • Create strong bonds among employees
  • Foster leadership at all levels
  • Have measurably improved organisational climate and culture
  • Are flexible, creative, profitable, and sustainable

Who will attend?

This invitation only leadership symposium will bring together a powerful combination of CEOs and HRDs from successful global organisations together with leadership scholars to examine and debate the Power of Purpose in a business context and its impact on stakeholder and shareholder value.  Senior leaders from organisations including Unilever, AstraZeneca, Lidl, LEON, Marshall Group, Trustonic, Taylor Vinters, the Babraham Institute and others will be participating in this event.

Purpose of  the event

There is increasingly strong evidence in research that those businesses which are able to describe and live by their purpose create demonstrable and commercial advantage for their staff, their customers and the wider context or community within which they exist. We will discuss the business case for organisational “purpose” and how the power of “invisible leadership” can propel organisations forwards to ensure continued success.

The purpose of our event is to enable leaders to create more flexible, creative, profitable, and sustainable businesses in an increasingly complex macro-economy through implementing a purpose driven agenda. The CEOs, HRDs and leadership scholars will explore the practical application of the notion of purpose and how leaders can harness “purpose” to achieve the following:

  • Engage with teams at all organisational levels to encourage the highest levels of commitment, innovation and successful performance critical to the bottom line
  • Attract and retain motivated and high performing employees
  • Create a strong climate of trust and disciplined entrepreneurship among employees
  • Develop leadership capabilities at all levels of the organisation
  • Nurture measurably improved, performance-oriented organisational climates and cultures
Picture of keynote speaker, Professor Georgia Sorenson
Keynote speaker, Professor Georgia Sorenson


Framed by positioning keynotes from global CEO speakers with diverse inputs on the power of purpose-led organisations, participants will also hear expert views from three internationally renowned leadership academics including our Møller Leadership Scholar, Professor Georgia Sorenson, co-founder of the International Leadership Association. Georgia will be joined by Gill Hickman her co-author of The Power of Invisible Leadership How a Compelling Common Purpose Inspires Exceptional Leadership and Steve Kempster, author of Leadership as purpose: Exploring the role of purpose in leadership practice.  Participants will work in facilitated discovery workshops with genuine peers and experts in this area, learning from each others’ experiences and initiatives which have created momentum and engagement and address a series of pre-determined questions.


The output of the symposium will form the basis for an invited white paper and session on The Business Case for Purpose at the International Leadership Association’s 18th Global Conference to be held in Brussels in October 2017. We expect media coverage of the work at the conference.


Our one-day event on 21 April (and pre-symposium dinner on 20 April) will take place at the Møller Centre.

We will ask participants to cover expenses as follows:

  • Pre-symposium dinner and accommodation plus one day event: £300 per person
  • Day event only: £100 per person
  • Additional nights accommodation with breakfast available to participants at £100 per night (please state requirements on registration form)

To register click here

For more information contact, Tim Hill, Marketing Manager on tim.hill@chu.cam.ac.uk

Timings are:

20 April – Dinner 19:30

21 April – 09:00-17:00

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