Food to Excite the Senses

At the Møller Centre, we are serious about food. Food and beverage experiences are multi-sensual, so for the business visitor this presents an opportunity to continue new learning experiences or further inspiration; for international guests provides comfort and assurance; and for the leisure visitors provide a sense-based memory of the overall Møller experience.

All of our food is cooked on the premises by our dedicated team of internationally trained chefs, led by Executive Chef, Alex Bigot.

Møller’s Food Services

Møller Centre guests are treated to fresh, seasonal and sustainably-sourced produce available for breakfast, lunch, dinner and beyond. The full range of food services is below:

  • Unlimited snack refreshments outside the meeting rooms
  • Private dining
  • Full English and continental breakfast
  • Hot and cold buffet lunches
  • Evening bar meals
  • Canapé receptions
  • Fine dining with bespoke themed menus designed
  • Tailor-made picnics
  • BBQs in our outside spaces
  • Celebration bakes and food entertainment

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This afternoon, we had our kitchen team meeting, and Gillian, the CEO Of The Moller Institute, joined us and shared some wonderful insights of the business growth. We are all honoured to be part of an amazing work environment.
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Good morning.
It's almost winter, as least it feels like it.
I've been cooking for many years and there are a few things I dislike, Bechamel sauce is the main one.
However, ouestleboeuf set me up for the challenge today so I prepared 20kg of Cauliflower Mornay. It is very nice but I still don't like it.
Anyway, I am certain it will warm the customers today.
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Fruit Tartlettes for our group dining with us tonight. Matcha shortcrust pastry with a slightly (too) loose creme diplomat, dressed with varied fruits and a local orchard apple glaze. Voila 🥝🍓🍎 #mollerkitchen #mollercentre ...

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Now to you lot this may look like a normal plate of muffins, but to me this is much more. Watching zoltantischler try to perfect his muffins most days, and play with flavour makes me happy that I set him off making blueberry muffins one day. YOU ARE THE MUFFIN MAN ZOLÌ. #mollerkitchen #mollercentre ...

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The famous "Poire-Belle-Helene" ... a long standing Escoffier creation. Only this one was gently bathed in red wine to make it even more delicious and we presented it with some lovely jewelry and smooth decadent chocolate sauce...who want some? #mollerkitchen #delish #deliciousfood #desserts #instafood #inspiration #creations #classicdishes #chocolate #patisserie ...

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zoltantischler does love a good banoffee pie 🍌🍰 #mollerkitchen #mollercentre ...

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The Møller Centre’s food offering is grouped into:

  • Brain Food

What we eat and drink has a considerable effect on our physiological state, influencing our attention span, fatigue levels, recall and memory processing, imagination and more. Our experienced team understand what to eat and when to help boost the concentration levels of your delegates to ensure they have an impactful experience.

  • Comfort Food

As well as offering clients new food experiences, we provide the option of comfort food to help you and your delegates relax after a full day of learning, this includes our famous sweet station and in-house ice cream van.

  • International Food

The team meticulously research foods native to our international guests, providing that reassuring ‘taste of home’ for those on demanding business trips. In one recent menu, 12 different countries’ cuisines were represented within a single menu.

Picture of food at the Moller Centre

Conference Catering for Event Managers

The Møller Centre is multi-award-winning as an academic venue, and for its conference and banqueting staff customer service, our event management team pride themselves on going above-and-beyond for our clients. The team of chefs are involved from the initial scoping of your event planning, to ensure that the food suitably reflects the event you are hosting, thrills your guests and is integrated seamlessly within the day. We cater for all dietary requirements, including food sensitivities and allergens.

The menu and style of food, its presentation as well as the timing of its delivery will be discussed with you in preparation for your event to ensure all runs smoothly. Unlike table service at a restaurant, catering for events requires that the food be served at a precise time to fit in with scheduled meetings. We also manage food service timings careful to ensure highest-quality and, as part of our sustainability pledge, limited food waste.

For all meeting room and conference/event guests, we offer unlimited refreshments in the networking spaces around the Centre, such as continuous drinks and refreshments throughout the day, including Fairtrade® ‘bean to cup’ coffee (we recycle all waste coffee grounds, read more here), a selection of Pavilion Garden traditional, fruit and herbal teas, canned soft drinks, smoothies and bottles of still and sparkling water. Slow release energy foods such as fresh and dried fruit, cereal bars, nuts, and seeds are available alongside tasty treats such as Danish pastries, home-made cookies and cakes.

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Picture of food at the Moller Centre

A Unique Restaurant: The Møller Tower

The on-site Restaurant – located in the stunning Møller Tower with sweeping views of the Churchill College playing fields at the University of Cambridge – is exclusive to Møller residents, event attendees and meeting room delegates. Lunch and dinner can be enjoyed in the Restaurant, Tower Lounge Bar, Study Centre, or privately in one of our meeting rooms.

Our stunning Tower Lounge Bar is fully stocked with local ales, fine wines and spirits and is the perfect place to unwind or network with colleagues. It offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city of Cambridge and can be adapted for private functions or networking events.

Fine Dining, Private Dining and More

Private dining is available within the Møller Centre, with Executive Chef Alex Bigot producing a bespoke menu for the dining experience, from fine dining to something more casual.

If you are visiting us for an event, our position within Churchill College at the University of Cambridge means we can arrange for you to treat your delegates to a traditional dinner in the halls of any of the 31 University of Cambridge Colleges; an unforgettable experience!

Best Breakfast in Cambridge?

Included with each Weekend Break is arguably the best breakfast in Cambridge; beyond the usual pastries and cereal, in addition we provide fresh salmon, boiled eggs, bacon, sausages and more. Everything you would need to set you up for a full day of meetings, conferences, or exploring everything Cambridge has to offer.

Our Chef’s Approach

Learning is central to the team’s ethos. We maintains our creative flair and culinary passion with regular team away days to immerse ourselves in new cuisines to bring back to our guests. We love to provide food-related ‘wow-factors’ through culinary theatre or celebration cakes and food displays and we enjoy designing bespoke menus for event organisers.

This often entails bringing new approaches and flavour combinations into our cooking; a recent event required the adoption of cooking for event delegates who practice the Jainism religion, requiring a diet in which no living thing can be eaten (including root vegetables or living plants). It required the team to embrace an entirely different way of approaching menu planning, ingredient sourcing and cooking.

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Sustainability is taken seriously at the Møller Centre, which has been awarded the IACC Green Star and the ISO14001 Environmental Management. (To find out more about these awards, click here.) While every department contributes to the Centre’s sustainability goals, the food and catering team continue to play a crucial role.

Our CEO Gillian Secrett is currently completing a Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).