Did you know that chocolate, well, cocoa beans are a great boost to brain power?

Posted: 31st March 2016

Our experienced team of chefs work tirelessly to select the right food for our clients to maximise the impact of events – and this includes chocolate. If you’ve over-indulged in chocolate this Easter don’t despair, chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is rich in ‘flavanols’ and these boost blood flow to the brain after consumption.

During the last few cooler months our chefs have perfected and launched a unique warming hot chocolate, laced with chilli and cardamom that will keep delegates on their toes and give the brain a powerful short-term boost. A tasty, warming alternative to afternoon tea it’s a treat for the immune system too – is good for your heart, rich in minerals and helps reduce cholesterol.

Food for thought. As Alex Bigot explains, “The food you eat directly affects the performance of your brain, and by choosing the Møller Centre for your events we guarantee that we will select and deliver the right food at the right time to boost your delegates’ brain power, keep them engaged and maximise the impact for them and you.”

If you’d like this tasty treat at your next event, contact your Event Planning Executive.

Don’t just take our word for it check out the latest scientific research on chocolate.