Partner development report

Posted: 22nd November 2016

Henry Marsden, partner at Møller PSF Group, together with Richard Album and David Ball on behalf of the Legal Education & Training Group (LETG) have recently carried out and analysed their latest research into partner development within law firms. Their findings are based on an online survey that ran from August to November 2015. Responses were received from 44 firms, with 16 of these reflecting the top 30 ranked firms. The survey has been run every two years since 2009 to track changes over time. No individual firm is identifiable from the research report.

Photo of people having a professional leadership meeting

We are pleased to share with you the Executive Summary of their report, which can be downloaded here, you will be able to read about:

  • What philosophy firms adopt?
  • How else partners are supported?
  • Which approaches are most effective at developing partners?
  • What resources are being dedicated to partner development?

Full report findings can be obtained by contacting Leon Palmer:
+44 (0)1223 46 55 42

About the LETG

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