An interview with Bethany Callus – Food and Beverage Assistant

Posted: 5th December 2016

This month I was lucky enough to catch five minutes with the lovely Bethany Callus. This star member of our F&B team talks about horses, her exciting and varied schedule and love of a good pud! This is a lady who knows how to Hygge!

Jennie Cockcroft: What is your role at the Møller Centre?

Picture of Bethany Callus a food and beverage assistant for the Moller Centre in Cambridge

Bethany Callus: I am a Food and Beverage Assistant.

JC: How long have you been working at the Møller Centre?

BC: I’ve been working here two years.

JC: What attracted you to the Møller Centre?

BC: I wanted a varied, interesting job in the catering industry to support my other job! When it was offered to me, I jumped at the chance to work for part of the University of Cambridge.

JC: I hear you’re a keen equestrian, how long have you been riding?

BC: Since I was eight years old! I trained as an instructor when I was 17 and now work as a part time riding instructor for Sawston riding school near Cambridge.

JC: Sounds like you’re an expert! If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

BC: Australia; I love their attitude to life and the wild array of wildlife on your doorstep would be pretty cool… not sure about the big spiders though!

JC: Riding in the outback would be pretty cool I imagine – or hot… If you weren’t working at the Møller Centre, what would be your dream job?

BC: I’d love to work for a famous horse rider and travel the competitions with them.

JC: How would you sum up the Møller Centre in three words?

BC: Inspiring, dedicated and exciting.

JC: I agree. What is your favourite food?

BC: Definitely a good chocolate mousse!

JC: Are there any foods then that would be sent to room 101?

BC: Goats Cheese without a doubt.

JC: So you must have loved being chief tester when Chef Liam Scott had his competition! What is your idea of the perfect evening?

BC: Chilling with good food and good company at a local pub. The Plough in Coton and The Green Man in Trumpington are two of my favourites.

JC: Sounds cosy! What would you say your biggest achievement to date has been?

BC: I would say my biggest achievement is that I survived being a working pupil for a riding school in Suffolk in order to earn my first teaching qualification. I lived in a mobile home for 18 months on £140 per week. It was so damp that our beds went mouldy, and in winter the insides of the windows froze.

JC: Not so cosy! No wonder you appreciate the finer aspects of the Møller Centre these days. What would you say is the quality you value most in people?

BC: Difficult to pick one, I would definitely say a good sense of humour is needed.

JC: What is the quality you think is most needed to work at the Møller Centre?

BC: It is useful to be able to thrive under pressure as the centre is growing and becoming increasingly busy! Also, to keep a calm head when faced with a busy shift, which is much easier said than done.

JC: Finally, please name three dream guests you would invite to your perfect dinner party!

BC: Frankie Dettori, Ben Aldridge from the TV series ‘Our Girl’ and Scarlett Moffatt from Gogglebox!

Jennie Cockcroft and Bethany Callus.