One man’s oil is another man’s fuel

Posted: 16th January 2017 Tags: FoodBest PracticeSustainability

The Møller Centre uses Arrow Oils to collect waste cooking oil to be converted into bio-diesel, which contributes to our sustainability efforts.

We are consistently making steps to ensure that we are a sustainable organisation, making every attempt to look after the environment. One interesting step we have made is to recycle all our used cooking oil. The oil is taken by Arrow Oils, who filter the waste oil to be passed onto another company that converts this to useable bio-diesel. This bio-diesel is then able to be combined with fossil diesel fuel for those in the transport sector, reducing carbon emissions by 78%.Picture of arrow oils logo

By doing this, we are saving approximately 60 litres of oil a month being disposed of, and helps the waste become useful and something of true benefit to the environment.

Alex Bigot, our Executive Chef, acknowledges the extensive benefits “waste in today’s society poses a massive problem, so it is really important that we are doing all we can to prevent our waste where possible.

“The oil recycling is a good example of a process that’s easy to do but has a big environmental impact. There is a strong knock-on effect because as a result of recycling the waste oil, the oil is not polluting land, whilst we also help the environment by encouraging the use of bio-diesel over traditional fuel.”

The Møller Centre has been awarded the IACC Green Star and the ISO14001 Environmental Management. To find out more about these awards, click here.

In addition to our recycling of oil, the kitchen team are involved in other environmentally-related initiatives including;
• Cambridge City council collecting both general, recycling and food waste.
• Culinary herbs have been planted using old planters in the garden by Møller Suite 2.
• The team are also continuing to look at larger containers for food, such as coconut milk now in 2.5l and olive oil in 5l drums, which costs less and uses less metal drums.
• The Centre always buys sustainable fish and British meat is purchased where possible.

Extra information on Arrow Oils and the advantages of bio-diesel