Martini Coaching – Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere

Posted: 24th November 2016 Tags: Coaching

We are delighted to announce that Sam Humphrey, Head of our Coaching Practice, and Coaching Associate Karen Dean, have followed up their award winning article “Is a Coaching Culture an Alternative Tyranny?” with a further article “Martini Coaching – Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere”. This piece is aimed at professional coaches, commissioners of coaching and internal coaches, particularly within professional services firms (PSFs), and is intended to challenge the myth that a coach can coach anyone, anywhere, at any time, on any topic.

In their experience, Sam and Karen have encountered coaches with a depth of experience and expertise in coaching which would hold their coaching capability at ‘mastery’ level. However, a coach who has never, or rarely, coached in a PSF may find that their knowledge and experience of this sector is at a more ‘novice’ level.

Similarly, they have met professionals who, after years of technical mastery in a PSF, as a Partner in a Law Firm or Accountancy Firm, have undertaken a coaching qualification and/or agreed to be part of an internal coaching faculty. Whilst they may have technical mastery of the law or accountancy, their knowledge and experience of coaching will be at ‘novice’ level.

Through the article, Sam and Karen want to agitate coaches’ thinking about their level of operating with the intention of stimulating new levels of competency for coaching is PSFs.

Their article is currently being featured within the latest edition of Coaching at Work and will be available on our website in December.

Further information

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