Making an Impact as a Non-Executive Director


This one-day programme explores the transition from CEO and senior executive roles to Non-Executive directorships. We will help you understand the different contribution you can make as a Non-Executive and how to maximise your impact and effectiveness. How to catalyse great outcomes through board level contribution The most effective Non-Executive directors understand that a balance […]

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Innovation through Design Thinking


A crash course in the methodology of Design Thinking, an innovative approach and toolkit to deliver competitive advantage. The most successful firms understand that achieving continuous innovation and growth means equipping people with the tools to think and work differently. Design Thinking is a human-centered innovation methodology used by some of the world’s most consistently […]

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Understanding your Clients’ Strategy


Learn to apply core strategic management concepts to have better conversations with your clients about their business issues. Having the right conversations with your clients has a positive impact on the long term relationship you will have, as well as the end result for both parties.

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Building Better Relationships


The way you behave and interact has a direct impact on your interactions with clients and on your success within the firm. Understanding your own SOCIAL STYLE® and that of others allows you to adjust your approach to external and internal clients and enhance your chances of building better relationships.

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The C³ Model of Influencing™


A recent study in the UK showed that each of us spends 23 minutes of every hour trying to influence people. But how long have you spent considering how you influence people? Your ability to effectively influence clients, stakeholders and colleagues is at the heart of your future personal success. This workshop will help you […]

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High Stakes Presenting


Maximise your chances of achieving critical outcomes by learning practical tips and secrets used by the best presenters and high profile world leaders, to ensure you achieve the outcomes you require. Engage the hearts and minds of your audience by structuring a presentation that is both inspiring and highly motivating.

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High Impact Fee Negotiation


Fee negotiation has become an increasingly critical skill for professionals and their firms. Despite its importance, many avoid actively engaging their clients in fee discussions for fear of risking their relationship or the prospects of future work. As a result, profitability is lost and relationships can be damaged.

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Fee Management


Analysis of matter profitability demonstrates that professional service firms typically lose more profit during the execution of projects or matters than during the up-front pitching or fee negotiation. There is a strong interaction between the pitching, price setting, negotiation and management stages of a project. Critical to successful fee management are a number of drivers […]

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A programme to support partners as they transition into new roles outside their firm. As a partner’s day-to-day engagement with their firm begins to decline, the programme helps build a practical exit strategy and take the first steps in making their life after their firm a reality. A win for the partner, their firm and […]

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Technology Leadership Bootcamp

Date to be confirmed.  This three-day programme provides Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, and other executives in technology and IT departments, with the opportunity to build a network of like-minded professionals, a forum to share experiences, and a safe space to probe your leadership and influencing styles in order to maximise your effectiveness in […]

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