The C³ Model of Influencing™

Start date: 13/11/2017 - 

A recent study in the UK showed that each of us spends 23 minutes of every hour trying to influence people. But how long have you spent considering how you influence people? Your ability to effectively influence clients, stakeholders and colleagues is at the heart of your future personal success. This workshop will help you develop that skill.

Those who have influence with their clients have the most success. That is a fact.

But how do you go about gaining influence? In our one-day C³ Model of Influencing™ programme we take you through the foundations of successful influencing. You will learn a powerful influencing model based developed from research into highly effective influencers. In addition, you will cover some key principles that will enable you to be more effective in any influencing situation.

Photo of business people networking and influencing each other

Aimed at professionals, this programme will help participants learn:

  • A powerful and practical model for effective influencing based on confidence, credibility and connection
  • Techniques you can use right now to achieve surface confidence, how your beliefs and values affect your deep confidence, and what you can do to gain deep confidence
  • How to use your body language and voice to gain instant credibility
  • Techniques you can use immediately to build an immediate connection with your potential clients and also deepen your existing client relationships
  • When to use credibility or connection and how to influence your stakeholders
  • How to maximise the chance of success by pacing your audience effectively

By being seen as a key person of influence in your sector, you will stand out from the competition and become the ‘go-to’ person for your product or service. Whether you are wanting to be more effective with business development conversations, increase the impact of your conversations with colleagues or deliver more influential presentations and pitches, this workshop will equip you with practical ideas that you can apply immediately.

The C³ Model of Influencing™ is a powerful, practical approach to influence a situation, based on research from the best selling book “Brilliant Selling” by facilitators Tom Bird and Jeremy Cassell. Both Tom and Jeremy are partners at Møller PSF Group and recognised as experts in the field of influencing, having inspired thousands of people through keynotes and their advisory and consultancy work with professional service firms around the world.