We believe the capital of a professional service firm resides in its people and their knowledge. We deliver practical consulting and learning solutions to leaders of professional service firms and their businesses which have a positive impact and give them a competitive edge. Our Partners work with teams to accelerate their ability to exploit the opportunities and overcome the challenges presented by today’s continually evolving competitive markets.

We provide practical solutions that deliver measurable commercial and personal benefits, tailoring our services to address the specific needs of each client and bringing together experts who focus on leadership, strategy, business development, talent management and coaching issues within the professional service firms market.

Business Development





Open programmes

Business Development

Market positioning / marketing strategy

We have services which combine the best of the experience and expertise of our Business Development and Strategy practice groups.

Pitching and influencing

Our pitching and influencing skills programmes look at how effective presenting can hugely benefit a Firm. Through our programme Partners will gain knowledge of how to structure their pitch for the audience’s benefit and how to positively influence any audience during formal presentations.

Practical business development skills for PSFs

Partners at PSFs need to pay attention to the fundamentals of selling like never before in order to keep ahead of the game. This programme is designed to provide the tools and techniques required to instantly improve business development performances.

C³ Model of Influencing™

Our practical model of influencing is created from research into highly effective business developers that defines the foundations for success in influencing.

F.A.I.R Pricing

F.A.I.R. Pricing is built upon original research conducted by our Managing Partner, Kevin Doolan, and upon his book “Mastering Services Pricing”, published by the Financial Times. It is based on a four stage process to enable professionals to regain their “pricing confidence” and to build strong and sustainable relationships with clients.

Fee negotiation

This programme is designed to improve the fee negotiation competencies and confidence of Partners and Senior Associates within PSFs. The programme addresses key issues and provides a simple to apply, yet highly effective framework and technique for raising negotiation performance.

Fee management

Analysis of matter profitability demonstrates that professional service firms (PSFs) typically lose more profit during the execution of projector matters than during the up-front pitching or fee negotiation. There is a strong interaction between the price setting, negotiation and management stages of a project.

Client relationship management (CRM)

We offer consultancy in the theory and key principles of CRM. We have capability to review a Firm’s existing CRM processes and practices. We can then propose ways to refine the CRM to make it more effective.


Tailored one to one coaching

We coach Partners and business services leaders – often in relation to specific challenges such as supporting new Partners’ transition into partnership, improving business development.

Team coaching

This is a lively and evolving area for leading thinkers on how to transform firms and their performance.

Building coaching capability

While coaching is impactful, for many firms it can take hold, spread like wildfire and be expensive to maintain. From our experience, firms are keen to explore how to deliver additional value through internal coaches.

Coaching supervision

Buyers of coaching are under increasing pressure to demonstrate commercial focus and value for money. Most savvy buyers know that coaching supervision is not a nice-to-have but a ‘ticket to play’ in the professional coaching market.

Coaching consultancy

We collaborate with clients to explore their current and future coaching activity to ensure their efforts connect the business strategy with coaching activity.

Integrated programme coaching

Helping Partners apply what they learn on core programmes is an increasingly value adding role our coaches play. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with programme faculty to understand the purpose of the programme intervention and work with Partners to support them identify goals, synthesise their learning and implement meaningful change back at their desk.


Executive education and leadership development

We design and deliver bespoke executive education, specifically tailored to drive change within a firm and individuals. Our programmes are carefully designed to ensure maximum client sponsorship to the solutions for addressing priority business needs. This allows us to focus on the key areas that will really make a difference for the firm to succeed and deliver their strategic aims.

360 diagnostics

Our 360 diagnostic tool allows for a structured diagnosis of strengths and development needs for Partners or those on Partner-track.

Partner coaching & inductions

We assist a number of firms with the development of their new incoming Partners. We provide specific in-house development on how their role will change and crucially how to navigate that transition.

Leadership team coaching

The way people act within their teams, and the way they communicate with one another are important drivers of effective team performance and ultimately a firm’s performance.

Leadership retreats

We design, facilitate, host and deliver leadership retreats, working closely with clients to create common goals in an environment that promotes deep thinking and creativity.

Board support

We work closely with the Senior Partner and the Board as a team coach to provide support and to challenge – helping to improve overall performance.

Springboard - Life beyond partnership

Few of us will face any greater change, or challenge, in transitioning from a career as a Partner in a PSF into… what exactly? Springboard is our programme covering what it feels like when exiting a firm that you have helped build; the impact on your family during your transition; finding your new career opportunity; using your connections and steps you should take now, to prepare, even if your transition is many years away.


Strategic market assessment

Our market assessments cover the full range of issues affecting the business, from macro-economic and socio-political risk to competitor analyses and existing and potential clients.

Scenario planning

Strategic assessments of possible changes in the market and exploring options for addressing these, as well as complex problem-solving engagements focused on specific challenges.

Competitive intelligence

We provide leaders of professional service firms with accurate, relevant and up-to-date competitive intelligence (both quantitative and qualitative) on their competitors, clients and markets.

Strategy development

Our approach to supporting a client through the process of developing strategy and translating that into action combines rigorous research and analysis with an inclusive approach to partner engagement, with deep knowledge and understanding of a range of different kinds of professional service firms.

Key client identification

We have developed a unique proprietary process for assessing the client list of a professional service firm by creating a future-focused view of the likely spend by those clients on services that firm is able to deliver.

Merger support

The advice that we deliver can reduce risk and smooth the path of the whole merger process. Key to this is helping identify the best merger partner, establishing the business case, developing the optimum strategy for the joint firm, integrating and aligning systems, structures and cultures following the merger.

Market trends

We are regularly called upon to do presentations to groups of partners and others, on trends in legal and other professional services.


Talent consulting

Our consulting services cover all aspects of talent including advising firms on areas such as talent and engagement strategies.

Talent programmes

We design and deliver many talent programmes, using a range of integrated techniques, both on the event and in supporting ongoing development afterwards, including coaching and project based learning.

Development and assessment centres

We advise firms on the introduction and implementation of development and assessment centres, for populations ranging from pre-Partner to Managing Partner.

Leading talent

Enhancing Partners’ skills as people developers plays a key role in creating a culture of continuous development.

Open programmes

Design Thinking

The most successful firms understand that achieving continuous innovation and growth means equipping people with the tools to think and work differently. Design Thinking is a human-centered innovation methodology used by some of the world’s most consistently innovative firms.

Making an Impact as a Non-Executive Director

This one-day programme explores the transition from CEO and senior executive roles to Non-Executive directorships. We will help you understand the different contribution you can make as a Non-Executive and how to maximise your impact and effectiveness.

Technology Leadership Bootcamp

This three-day programme provides Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, and other executives in technology and IT departments, with the opportunity to build a network of like-minded professionals, a forum to share experiences, and a safe space to probe your leadership and influencing styles in order to maximise your effectiveness in ‘bringing your organisation along’.