Business development practices

Our view of business development

Business development encompasses a range of attributes that professional service firms (PSFs) and professionals need to engage in, develop and practice over time to be successful. Growth and profitability is a strategic priority for most Firms, yet relatively little time and resources are available to support that objective. We offer a fully integrated and a customised approach to helping Firms resolve this dilemma. Read more.

Market positioning / marketing strategy

We have services which combine the best of the experience and expertise of our Business Development and Strategy practice groups.

Pitching and influencing

Our pitching and influencing skills programmes look at how effective presenting can hugely benefit a Firm. Through our programme Partners will gain knowledge of how to structure their pitch for the audience’s benefit and how to positively influence any audience during formal presentations.

Practical business development skills for PSFs

Partners at PSFs need to pay attention to the fundamentals of selling like never before in order to keep ahead of the game. This programme is designed to provide the tools and techniques required to instantly improve business development performances.

C³ Model of Influencing™

Our practical model of influencing is created from research into highly effective business developers that defines the foundations for success in influencing.

F.A.I.R Pricing

F.A.I.R. Pricing is built upon original research conducted by our Managing Partner, Kevin Doolan, and upon his book “Mastering Services Pricing”, published by the Financial Times. It is based on a four stage process to enable professionals to regain their “pricing confidence” and to build strong and sustainable relationships with clients.

Fee negotiation

This programme is designed to improve the fee negotiation competencies and confidence of Partners and Senior Associates within PSFs. The programme addresses key issues and provides a simple to apply, yet highly effective framework and technique for raising negotiation performance.

Fee management

Analysis of matter profitability demonstrates that professional service firms (PSFs) typically lose more profit during the execution of projector matters than during the up-front pitching or fee negotiation. There is a strong interaction between the price setting, negotiation and management stages of a project.

Client relationship management (CRM)

We offer consultancy in the theory and key principles of CRM. We have capability to review a Firm’s existing CRM processes and practices. We can then propose ways to refine the CRM to make it more effective.

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