Coaching Practice

Our view of coaching

There is an abundance of coaches working today but coaching in a professional service firm (PSF) is very different to corporate organisations and working effectively as a coach in a PSF is different to coaching in any other sector.

The structure, leadership and way in which things get done in the PSF sector is a world away from how a corporate operates, so to coach effectively in this environment requires more than just being an exceptional coach. Read more.

Tailored one to one coaching

We coach Partners and business services leaders – often in relation to specific challenges such as supporting new Partners’ transition into partnership, improving business development.

Team coaching

This is a lively and evolving area for leading thinkers on how to transform firms and their performance.

Building coaching capability

While coaching is impactful, for many firms it can take hold, spread like wildfire and be expensive to maintain. From our experience, firms are keen to explore how to deliver additional value through internal coaches.

Coaching supervision

Buyers of coaching are under increasing pressure to demonstrate commercial focus and value for money. Most savvy buyers know that coaching supervision is not a nice-to-have but a ‘ticket to play’ in the professional coaching market.

Coaching consultancy

We collaborate with clients to explore their current and future coaching activity to ensure their efforts connect the business strategy with coaching activity.

Integrated programme coaching

Helping Partners apply what they learn on core programmes is an increasingly value adding role our coaches play. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with programme faculty to understand the purpose of the programme intervention and work with Partners to support them identify goals, synthesise their learning and implement meaningful change back at their desk.

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