Leadership practice

Our view of leadership

At Møller PSF Group we are very clear that leadership is both different and harder within a professional service firm (PSF) than a corporate environment. Leading Partners is an inherently “political” process, within which understanding and working with context is absolutely key.

We believe that leadership is not a title, but a role in which you have the opportunity to build a strong culture and provide your followers with a sense of purpose. Successful leaders take the time to think about, listen to and really engage with their people, “setting the tone” for their firm (or practice) by the way they act. The best leaders see the impact this has on their teams, in terms of performance and engagement, as well as the all-important bottom line. Read more.

Executive education and leadership development

We design and deliver bespoke executive education, specifically tailored to drive change within a firm and individuals. Our programmes are carefully designed to ensure maximum client sponsorship to the solutions for addressing priority business needs. This allows us to focus on the key areas that will really make a difference for the firm to succeed and deliver their strategic aims.

360 diagnostics

Our 360 diagnostic tool allows for a structured diagnosis of strengths and development needs for Partners or those on Partner-track.

Partner coaching & inductions

We assist a number of firms with the development of their new incoming Partners. We provide specific in-house development on how their role will change and crucially how to navigate that transition.

Leadership team coaching

The way people act within their teams, and the way they communicate with one another are important drivers of effective team performance and ultimately a firm’s performance.

Leadership retreats

We design, facilitate, host and deliver leadership retreats, working closely with clients to create common goals in an environment that promotes deep thinking and creativity.

Board support

We work closely with the Senior Partner and the Board as a team coach to provide support and to challenge – helping to improve overall performance.

Springboard - Life beyond partnership

Few of us will face any greater change, or challenge, in transitioning from a career as a Partner in a PSF into… what exactly? Springboard is our programme covering what it feels like when exiting a firm that you have helped build; the impact on your family during your transition; finding your new career opportunity; using your connections and steps you should take now, to prepare, even if your transition is many years away.

Download as a PDF.