Strategy development

Our view of strategy

Strategy practice has moved a long way since the days when a linear, mechanistic approach to strategy represented best practice. Today, we know that best practice varies widely according to how quickly markets are changing, the level of competition in those markets and the strategic intent of the particular incumbent in those markets. This is true for all businesses.

Professional service firms have additional considerations such as high mobility of talent, relatively thin balance sheets, the tension between managing and practicing amongst the firm’s leaders and low switching costs for clients. Read more.

Strategic market assessment

Our market assessments cover the full range of issues affecting the business, from macro-economic and socio-political risk to competitor analyses and existing and potential clients.

Scenario planning

Strategic assessments of possible changes in the market and exploring options for addressing these, as well as complex problem-solving engagements focused on specific challenges.

Competitive intelligence

We provide leaders of professional service firms with accurate, relevant and up-to-date competitive intelligence (both quantitative and qualitative) on their competitors, clients and markets.

Strategy development

Our approach to supporting a client through the process of developing strategy and translating that into action combines rigorous research and analysis with an inclusive approach to partner engagement, with deep knowledge and understanding of a range of different kinds of professional service firms.

Key client identification

We have developed a unique proprietary process for assessing the client list of a professional service firm by creating a future-focused view of the likely spend by those clients on services that firm is able to deliver.

Merger support

The advice that we deliver can reduce risk and smooth the path of the whole merger process. Key to this is helping identify the best merger partner, establishing the business case, developing the optimum strategy for the joint firm, integrating and aligning systems, structures and cultures following the merger.

Market trends

We are regularly called upon to do presentations to groups of partners and others, on trends in legal and other professional services.

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