BCF Technology

We are a leading supplier of diagnostic imaging equipment to the veterinary profession based in Scotland with a national and international client base. When it was time to instigate a change of structure in our customer facing teams across sales, service and customer care in order to better serve the demands and requirements of our growing customer base I was looking for an inspirational venue away from our head office to encourage a change in mindset and excitement about new ideas and direction.

My first impressions of Møller were good in that when Katharine responded to my initial enquiry she clearly understood what we did and demonstrated strong technology sector experience which impressed me. Katharine took the time to understand who we were, why we were there and what we wanted to achieve. In the decision making process that followed, Katharine responded efficiently and promptly to my queries without being pushy. Once I had decided to hold the event at Møller, Katharine’s team were incredibly supportive in the planning process and recommended ways to enhance the session.

Once on site the whole experience was superb, both for me as an event organiser and for my delegates. When I arrived, Alex the Duty Manager, greeted me by name and was incredibly helpful with technology, he was so happy and enthusiastic. Alex and all the Møller delivery team went above and beyond interacting with our team. The technology was better than I expected with Smartboards and Green Screens (we were in The Studio).

The food was lovely and everywhere was beautifully clean and well kept.

I would describe the Møller Centre as a premium experience and I was hugely complimented by the BCF Technology management team. One manager commented that we had achieved more in the two days at Møller than we ever have at any of our meetings, training sessions or conferences in the past.