The LHON Society

Hi there Bonnie, Michelle and everyone else at Møller who conspired to make our event so special last weekend!

I have just completed the online survey which is emailed to all bookers post an event and I have actually put a couple of 8s down (out of 10) but for me that is pretty incredible as I am brutally honest and will find fault with anything, but the vast majority of questions scored a resounding 10. I hope the comments I put are helpful to improve the process but really, it is pretty near perfection already and some of the tiny things I mentioned would have been easily sorted if I had been able to visit and sit down and chat again, rather than doing things from afar.

Our objective as a society, or mine at least, was fairly modest: to host an event at which everyone was safe and that our VIP guests could hear well and get the maximum benefit out of their attendance. This was delivered in spades and so much more. In fact your staff were so good they even made us look professional and I have attended many other events put on by experienced event organisers that didn’t look so slick.

Quite simply, the facilities and support were of such a high standard that we were able to completely forget about the nuts and bolts and concentrate on the content. For this we placed our trust in your staff and this could not have been possible were they not so universally excellent – quite literally everyone.

I actually mentioned to the girl on the reception just before leaving that it must be a nice place to work, because it would be impossible for us to have received such courtesy from your colleagues if they were not also treated well by the management, and she readily agreed with that statement.

So everyone did their bit to make us feel completely welcome and in capable hands, but I have to mention Pete, our technician, who was constantly asking what else he could do to make the day better (answer: nothing) and most especially Darren, who hovered around in the background to see if anything needed fixing at any time – and of course it didn’t.

But most impressive was at breakfast on Saturday when Paul, one of our more visually impaired guests, arrived in the breakfast room. Mark immediately got up from his breakfast to help Paul at the buffet and Darren literally came running over and told him to sit and finish his breakfast while he looked after Paul.

So well, in fact, that when Paul arrived for breakfast next day Darren immediately sought him out and asked him by name if he wanted “The usual.”

You can’t buy that kind of consideration and I can say that every one of our delegates was made to feel special. Given that many of them will have experienced some form of prejudice in the past this was particularly appreciated and 10 out of 10 on a feedback form is not enough to express our appreciation of this.

We are likely to hold our next event outside Cambridge but you can be sure that whenever we get the opportunity to return to the Møller Centre we will grab it with both hands. And we had a number of guest speakers who are based in Cambridge and who are likely to have need of conference facilities before us – they cannot fail to have been similarly impressed.

I was accused at the conference of writing long emails, but this one needed to be a bit longer in order to express my sincere appreciation for the key role your staff took in delivering a really successful conference. I hope to see you again before too long.

With kindest regards

Russell Wheeler
Patient Advocate and Trustee
The LHON Society