We understand how important the role of technology is for any event, and our experienced Tech Support Team and cutting-edge equipment will make, rather than break, your event.

You will have access to:

  • Your own personal, experienced tech-support, available 24/7
  • HD TV screens
  • Crystal clear speakers
  • Wireless and wired internet connections
  • Dual projection
  • Apple® AirPlay
  • Online meeting facilities
  • Audio and video recording
  • Paperless conferencing
  • iPad hire
  • Audience participation devices
  • Recording studio, equipped with our own fitted green screen

Our experienced in-house Tech Support Team are always available to support you and will actively work in partnership with you, your speakers and your IT colleagues to ensure all of the preparation is completed before your event start, allowing you to network with your delegates and not waste energy worrying about any technical issues during your event.

On the day of the event, your dedicated Tech Support Team will be as discreet or as ever-present as you want them to be; they will never be far away and always on-hand for support during your event.

We are proud of the range of technology that we can offer you. All of our technology is fully integrated into the meeting rooms and include a unique organiser control console. This control console will make you look efficient and tech-savvy and will ensure you maximise the return on the time you spend with us.

Our team of tech experts will be involved from an early stage to really understand your objectives and recommend the most suitable options to enhance you event.

Our technology includes:

Dual projection

A number of our meeting rooms offer dual projection, which allow you to display slides or video from two different sources at the same time. This is an ideal solution for when you need to show presentations in two languages or medical presentations where videos or photos can be shown alongside a supporting presentation.

Apple® AirPlay

We have Apple® AirPlay in all of our larger rooms. This provides a wireless connection from an Apple® device to the meeting room screen, allowing speakers and delegates to show slides or share information straight from their iPad or iPhone.

Online meetings and conference calls

The demand for online meetings is on the rise and we can support these allowing both speakers and delegates to participate in meetings regardless of their location. Sharing of two-way video presentations via a fast and secure online meeting creates a ‘virtual seat’ experience and makes for easy collaboration among colleagues.

Audio and video recording

We offer audio and video recording to capture events and a video editing service. Our portable green screen gives the flexibility of recording footage and inserting graphics and slides during editing at a later date to give a completely personalised and professional result.

Paperless conferencing

We have developed our own web app to provide you with a completely paperless solution, delivered via our own stock of 60 iPads. This time, money and environment saving option means that copies of your agendas, speaker biographies, slides and supporting documents can be stored online, seamlessly linked and presented back to delegates in a bespoke, branded app.  This app can enhance your reputation with delegates and staff.

Audience participation technology

This is available for up to 100 delegates and allows organisers to collect valuable data. Questions can be built into a presentation and allow speakers to interactively assess and engage with their audience.