PA Day

Following the large interest and attendance at our PA Day earlier in the year, we are once again holding a free event for the often unsung hero when it comes to event organising. PA’s and EA’s are frequently at the centre of organising successful events and rarely have the chance to take time out for themselves to attend an event to help them learn new skills.

The event will include sessions on influencing, relationship management, diary management and how you can help your organisation move in the right direction.


Friday, 23 November, 2018
9:30 – Arrival and refreshments
10:00 – Welcome – Gillian Secrett, CEO, Møller Institute
10:05 – Influencing and relationship management – Ruth Berry, Partner, Møller Institute and Emma Berry, Research Associate, RMB Learning
11:00 – Break
11:30 – Diary management using Microsoft Outlook – Karen Roem, Founder, Roem Limited
12:15 – The PA knows all – Richard Buttrey, Client Director, Møller Institute
13:00 – Lunch
13:30 – Tour of the Møller Centre
14:00 – Close

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Influencing and relationship management

In today’s working environment much depends on relationships and our ability to influence situations. Being able to influence without formal authority is an essential skill and we do this by having inner confidence, clarity of purpose and the communication skills to fully express ourselves. In this session we will look at how to behave in such a way that improves the chances of successful influencing – topics covered will include listening skills, interpretation of others’ needs; looking at things from the other persons point of view and how to use our own style to create results.

Building strong positive relationships at work whether it is with colleagues, customers, suppliers and those people who manage us is often the key to a successful and fulfilling working life. We will explore areas such as how to develop trust; how to show respect; how to handle challenging relationships and how to communicate well with other people. We will look both at ourselves and our interpersonal style and the session will provide tips on how to build effective relationships which will enhance working life.

Picture from a PA Day event at the Moller Centre

Diary Management using Microsoft Outlook

Hints and tips for effectively managing your boss’ busy calendar.

Like it or not, Outlook is one of the main means by which staff collaborate and very often the principal tool for juggling schedules. Gaining control over your boss’ busy calendar is therefore top priority.

Outlook offers lots of important and time-saving diary management functionalities – and some of them might surprise you. This session will help you:

  • Understand what Outlook functionality to use when
  • Overcome old habits and develop faster ways of working
  • Know best practices for scheduling meetings
  • Learn various time-saving tricks and shortcuts while working with Outlook

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The PA knows all

You are arguably the best placed people in your companies to understand both what the leadership are trying to achieve, and what colleagues at the coal face think and feel about the day-to-day reality of how this is turning out!… This session will take a fast and fun look at a number of things that can and do go wrong in organisations and invite you to entirely anonymously vote on which you’ve seen evidence of recently. More importantly, we will cover what part you could play in doing something positive to help make the right change.